UmakeID Platform

What is UMAKEID?

Since the beginning that the project UMAKEID had as main goal, the construction of an online platform directed to the fashion field that could facilitate and streamline the access between several and different fashion industries, such as: the textile and clothing, footwear and accessories and finally jewellery and watchmaking.

The main objective is to provide an easy and a convenient tool for the ones that need to achieve services, others fashion professionals or even machinery among other potentialities that the platform has and can provide to you. Brands and designers, manufacturers and suppliers can reduce the costs of their sourcing process and achieve organization in their daily tasks.

I’m a brand/designer, what UMAKEID can do for me?

With the access to a database platform, UMAKEID platform will help you to find a factory that will meet your requirements. The UMAKEID platform will allow the designer or the brand to build their own projects in a simple and intuitive way regarding all the necessary steps of the creative and the production processes, from the design of the product to the expedition of the goods.

I’m a supplier/ manufacturer, what UMAKEID can do for me?

The searching tool will help you to search and find the right business partner in an easy way. It will also allow an easy communication. The goal is to have all the information centred in just one place to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes during the phase of production. This information can be available to you and to your client, however will be always protected and confidential and in it is up to you to or to your client to decide who sees it.

How my project can stay private?

Every brand, designer or factory assign a commitment (terms and conditions) related to the privacy of each project.

What factories can I choose?

Depending of the needs of you brand/designer, UMAKEID platform finds a factory that is just right for fill your needs.

How factories contact me?

Factories will contact you according to the contact that you fill in the beginning of your personal account at the platform of UMAKEID.

I’m a factory, what UMAKEID platform can do for me?

UMAKEID will help you to find a brand or designer that fits in your factory, according to the characteristics of your company.

How can I find a designer/brand who fits my factory?

According to the characteristics of your company, UMAKEID platform will help you find the right brand or designer.

How can I upload my project?

In My Brands you have a tag for Project, and after you have to click in Create New Project for insert your product with the respective details.

What are the essential materials to upload in a project?

You must fill in what is missing or not missing in your hand so that it can be done.

How can I organize my project at UMAKEID?

The platform of UMAKEID, by itself, helps to organize your project.

How many projects can I upload?

You can upload as many projects as you want.

Can I maintain the privacy of my project using the platform of UMAKEID?

Yes, UMAKEID is a safe platform.

What formats images or documents can I upload?

You can upload .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, for images; pdf for catalogues; .doc, .docx, .xls,, .xlsx, .mdl, .gbr and .dxf for another files.

Can I share my projects safely?

UMAKEID is a safe platform.


How can I sign up for a user-account of the UMAKEID platform?

Signing up is as simple as clicking. Click in “Sign Up” on the homepage and filling out some basic information.

Who can use UMAKEID?

Brands, designers and factories o need support in finding projects or help to development them can enjoy UMAKEID platform.

How can I join UMAKEID?

If you are looking for a partner to help you in the development of your projects, the UMAKEID platform will help you finding a factory that is just right for the job.

If you are a factory looking for brands or designers that need help to development their projects, the UMAKEID platform will show you right projects for your factory.


How can I search a factory?

In the launch version you can search all the information that you want. You can find the right company using the filters: Country | Company Size | Market | Sectors

If you are a designer or brand looking for someone or somehow to help in the development of your projects, the UMAKEID platform will support you in finding a factory that is just right for the job.

Can’t find an answer to your specific question, please contact support@umakeid.com.